Growing my own – part 4

Hi guys and welcome to the fourth part of ‘Growing my own’ vegetables blog! Brought to you by Covid19 lockdown 2020.

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So this week has been all about the re-homing! Prepping my little indoor babies to fly the nest and take on the big wide world in the garden (and possibly get eaten by slugs and ripped apart by crows).

As mentioned in part 3 I had my eyes on the pots being held hostage in the Narnia shed. I used the whole ‘Please can you get them for me, I can’t reach’ plea to make my other half get them for me from the dark grips of the spiders lockdown lair. It worked!

Anyone who has read the previous blogs will know that my lettuce and carrots were flouting social distancing guidance so iv’e decided to take tough measures. As a reminder see below pic. The compost had kind of sank down so I wanted to separate these out and give them more room to grow and reach their full potential. (motivational speech time?).

Carrots to the left of me, lettuce to the right.. (I feel a song coming on)

There was just one teeny weeny problem with my rearranging plan, I had no big spade to relocate the carrots and lettuce from the patio planter and place into a new home. Now if anyone reading this knows me, they will know that I will find a way no matter how ridiculous. My brain is ticking over thinking of possible items I could use for such a task. And then it hit me, a light bulb moment..A baking tray!! Flat, robust and up for the challenge! Sorted. It didn’t go as smoothly as initially anticipated but I managed to save most of the babies and move them to their new homes. I planted the lettuce in a new spacious open tray and used the green planter for the carrots. The cayenne peppers, basil and courgettes were placed in their own pots ready to face the world. I wasn’t sure how many Cayenne peppers to plant together so I put 3 in each pot so they wouldn’t be lonely.

At first they all appeared to be loving their new homes until I went to water them and the weight of the water just squished them all flat :-/ Will they survive? Have I killed them all before they can be massacred by crows? Guess you’ll have to come back in a couple of weeks to find out….

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