The Open Wilding Project – rewilding the UK – Science, Conservation, Environment

**Calling all Environmental Science students and anyone interested in protecting nature**

An amazing new rewilding project in the UK has recently been launched of which I am now a voting member of the committee! We are looking for students within the Environmental Sciences (and similar), universities, the public and specialists to all come and join us on this amazing new adventure, either by spreading the word, joining us as a student member or donating. Like a small green shoot emerging from its seed this a new project and its journey is just beginning – we need your help…

 The Open Wilding Project is run by students, for the environment. We are currently raising awareness and funds to purchase our first piece of land in the UK to rewild. These spaces will offer an opportunity for wildlife and plants to thrive and an area for students in the environmental sciences to use for study and field experience. The land will be open for the public and schools for anyone to access, enjoy nature and learn. 

Our Goals

‘Every living thing on this Earth has a job to do, from the tiniest of bugs to the mighty Oak tree, yet in the UK thousands of hectares of woodland, grassland and wetland are being destroyed to house our ever expanding population. Whilst cities soar our forests are logged, wildlife flees and the landscape and biodiversity becomes more and more fragile. We have to respond and that’s why we have created The Open Wilding Project. We are conservationists, botanists, biologists, geologists, designers and engineers. We are the students of Environmental Sciences. We are the future of conservation and we are taking action. Our goal at The Open Wilding Project is to purchase land and give it back to nature.’ – The Open Wilding Project


‘ The Open Wilding Project creates the location to encourage scientific observation, collaboration and experience. Our members will have access to the land for research and heavily sought after field experience. We will invite communities to reconnect with nature again using our spaces for learning, sensory walks and to watch the world of wildlife through the eyes of our trail cams. We will work with local schools and care homes ensuring everyone has the opportunity to see the benefits of our work. We will collaborate with universities, councils, charities and governments but most importantly we will work to protect nature and produce a space for it to thrive again.’ – The Open Wilding Project

The Open Wilding Project is open for collaboration, Sponsorship, funding and welcomes all donations from companies, schools, councils and the public.

For more information about you can get involved or donate please take a look at the website – The Open Wilding Project

And the Earth? Well she’s looking to you!

More on Journey Through The Trees….

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