Hello and welcome to my blog – Journey Through The Trees – A mixture of Environmental News, Travel Stories and Random Adventures!

A wise man once said ‘Live your life with adventures not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show’ – He was right!

A little about me – In my spare time I love travelling, science, making jewellery and nature. I am currently studying for a BSc in Environmental Science through the Open University and will be graduating next year after 5 long years. I absolutely love it though!  I love writing and sharing stories so I hope you guys enjoy reading them.

Weird stuff – I wish that David Attenborough was my grandad and I have a thing for professor Brian cox (what? he’s hot!).

I hope this blog will give me an opportunity to improve my writing skills whilst at the same time producing articles that people like and enjoy reading. I don’t take myself too seriously and hopefully I can write some amusing and interesting articles for you all!! I look forward to getting to know some fellow bloggers and reading your life stories and achievements! If you would like to write a blog as a gust feel feel free to get in touch. I am also happy to write for you as well.

Please feel free to say hello to me on twitter, my main blogging platform – @journeytttrees – any feedback, suggestions, invites to the pub etc very welcome 🙂