Food Self Provisioning – Growing my own!

Iv’e always loved the idea of growing my own vegetables and having my own little garden to tend to, and up until now that’s all it’s been, an idea. Working full time and studying for my degree the rest of the time unfortunately leaves me with little to no time for hobbies (It’ll be fun they said, it’ll all be worth it in the end they said!!). As a student of Environmental Science I love the idea of sustainable living, but in a busy modern society it is often hard to put into practice. Our busy lives mean we throw money at packaged fruit and veg, purchasing pristine polished parsnips, perfectly peeled potatoes, plastic-packaged pears, punnets of Peruvian physalis, plump pigeons, purple possums..sorry what were we talking about?

Sooo..since the corona-virus lock down and my end of year exam being cancelled, I now have some additional time to get my veg on! I am not particularly confident in my ability to grow plants (my track record at keeping plants alive is not great :-/) but no one ever learnt anything by not trying it! So I am going to give it a go and blog about it along the way. Hopefully I will inspire others to try it and if I can’t grow any vegetables maybe i’ll discover a new species of weed or fungus. (Phallus lawmanus?)

So, over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about what I might need to get started..compost, pots, gardening tools, seeds etc. It’s not very often I venture out into the shed but I went to check out what we had in the freezer the other day (I usually send the other half on this job – what? it’s cold in winter!!) and I came across a bag of compost, lots of pots and pretty much anything I could possibly need to get started. My mum is a keen gardener and veg grower so I excitedly text her to tell her the good news and brag about my new found hobby. It turns out she had bought all of these items for me and left them in there for me last year hoping that one day I would actually start growing! What a legend. This certainly saved me some time and money.

Now to get me some seeds… I had a couple of packets of seeds left over from a while ago that I never grew.. Basil, cayenne peppers and courgettes so this was a good start. I have also recently purchased some fabulous seeds from Project Abundance. (check ’em out, they are great!!). In these tough times it is nice to be able to support a local family business and a friend.

Project Abundance Seeds
grow me…

The basil, courgettes and peppers have now been on the window ledge for about a week so far. I used individual biodegradable pots for the basil and courgettes and a small growing tray for the peppers. I can’t see any sign of life yet but fingers crossed something grows soon! Anything!! I am waiting for some patio planters to be delivered shortly and then it’s off outside to plant the rest.


You may have spotted that I also purchased some wildflower seeds. I absolutely love seeing pictures of wildflower meadows and the biodiversity that these attract. In the next couple of weeks I am going to dedicate a patch in my garden and attempt to grow my own. I worry that the soil quality in my garden is really poor as it is full of stones but we’ll give it a go. Watch this space…

I will keep you all posted on my vegetable garden progress which will either be success or a complete mess.. If anyone has any handy tips they would like to share I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading and remember to stay safe, wash your hands and stay at home!

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