Growing my own – part 2

Hi guys and welcome to the second part of growing my own vegetables blog!

You can catch up on the intro here – ‘Food Self Provisioning – Growing my own

It was a somewhat embarrassing start to the week. I woke up one sunny morning and came downstairs to check on my window ledge seedlings and I could see what appeared to be shoots emerging from my cayenne pepper tray. At this point I was sooo excited that I had actually managed to grow something I was quick to start telling friends and work colleagues about the life I had created. This excitement was short lived. The following morning I was anxious to see the progress but nothing more seemed to have happened, so I watered as normal and took a closer look. What I thought were luscious green shoots starting to emerge were actually just the seeds themselves poking out of the compost and not a luscious green shoot in sight!! It’s now been quite a few days since then and there’s more life in the local churchyard…

On a more positive note my two patio planters have now arrived so it was out into the garden to get the first of the outdoor veggies planted. It turns out these patio planters require a whole truck load of compost to fill them, so that was my one bag empty in one planter. I decided to start with the rainbow carrots and lettuce seeds in the same planter, on separate sides.

The essentials

I found some posh looking herb markers in the Narnia shed (I swear there’s so much in there! Again, thanks mum!), so I customised them for the carrots and lettuce using the Project Abundance stickers and a bit of sellotape. (no expenses spared). I planted as instructed and gave them a good water.

Now to pray to the vegetable growing gods and hope something grows soon. I’ll be back to update you all shortly. Thanks for reading 🙂

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