Growing my own – part 3

Hi guys and welcome to the third part of ‘Growing my own’ vegetables blog! Brought to you by Covid19 lockdown 2020.

You can catch up on the intro here – ‘Food Self Provisioning – Growing my own
…and the second part here…Growing my own part 2

It’s now been two long years, I mean weeks, since I wrote part 2 of the blog and I can confirm (drum roll please)…I have created life! So after showering my seeds with endless love and singing to them everyday they have now decided to grow. And not just one measly green shoot, there’s lots of them!

I was really surprised at how quickly the carrots and lettuce started to grow in the black outdoor patio planter. Carrots on the left, lettuce on the right. I am now waiting on a compost delivery and then i’m going to do some re-arranging. The lettuce did not get the memo about social distancing rules and has decided to gather all together on the far right side. Also, I can then start potting the indoor plants, outside.

There’s quite a few large pots in the back of the Narnia shed that I’d like to to use for the courgettes and cayenne peppers. Multiple spiders and their webs have decided to self isolate here so it could be a potential challenge getting the pots out. Sticking my arm into an abyss of multiple unnecessarily hairy legs is not on my lock-down list.

I’ll probably keep the basil in the small biodegradable pots indoors for when I feel a culinary master chef pasta recipe coming on. Reminds me of a time I got confused with the basil and put crunchy bay leaves in my pasta instead :-/

Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted on the progress and hopefully I will have something edible at some point.

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