Week 1 – Photo Share Challenge – Friends

Hello and welcome to the first week of my 8 week photo share challenge – Just for a bit of fun. For all the info on how to take part see Photo Share Challenge I hope you will join me!!

Week 1 – Friends – Share an image of you and a/some friend(s) and explain who they are and why they are your friend(s)

So my entry this week is this crazy bunch of Where’s Wallys! (or Where’s Waldo I believe you call it in the US) Mine and my twin sisters birthday celebrations usually involve fancy dress of some kind. Watch this space for the big 30 next year…


This photo was taken on my 25th Birthday. (Where’s the time going! It seems so long ago now) I am second from left. These girls are some of my friends from my home town who I grew up with and were always willingly roped into the fancy dress! Unfortunately I do not get to see them as often anymore as I now live 3 hours away, however over the years we have shared many memories. Some we’d like to forget!!  This photo always makes me smile and reminds me of great birthday celebrations gone by! Ami (far right) is sporting a lovely arm brace as she broke her arm from falling over drunk in the snow lol she will never live that one down. Goooooddd Timmesss

I’d love to see your friend pics!! At the end of the 8 weeks I will collate all of the pics and display them in a blog post photo album. Don’t worry if you’ve joined in later just post the pics as and when – Remember to ping back to this post (or the original photo share post) so I can track your amazing shots! I hope you will join me 🙂

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