Week 8 – Travel Blog Challenge – 5 Favourite Travel Blogs

So far on my blogging journey I have been reading lots of bits and bobs from a variety of different blogs.  From travel and food to photography. All of which have been great. I wouldn’t say I have read enough travel blogs as of yet to have cast iron favourites so instead, this week, I will pay tribute to 5 awesome travel bloggers who have kindly followed my blog recently and deserve some love and appreciation 🙂 Thanks guys:

1) His & Hers Travel – A married travelling couple, Laura and Jordan, who blog about all things Travel, Food and Booze!! They have some great pics too!

2)  JQLoise  J.Q. Louise is a luxury travel and lifestyle brand, dedicated to sharing personal travel stories, curated itineraries, and lifestyle tips and tricks. From Skiing in Vermont to summer in New England.

3) Living the Q Life– This is a fantastic blog. It has extensive categories including hiking, worldly travels, recipes and tips. I will be spending more time here for sure.

4) A Traveled Life– A great blog with lots of adventures. From a road trip in Namibia to dining with the president of Iceland! wowsers!

5)  Maps and Suitcases – Amie is uni graduate from the UK who works full time around squeezing in as much travel as possible!! I can certainly relate to that! Check out her epic bucket list and even some exercising tips!!

I’d just like to say thank you to all my followers. Everyone’s blogs are truly inspiring. Please also check out my fellow travel blogging buddies below who all have fantastic blogs and are taking part in the challenge!!

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Who else is doing the challenge?



15 thoughts on “Week 8 – Travel Blog Challenge – 5 Favourite Travel Blogs

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