Week 16 – Travel Blog Challenge – Scary Travel Stories – A personal travel journey to the Amazon

Hi everyone – welcome to week 16 of the Travel Blog Challenge – Scary travel stories. Ok so I haven’t strictly been sticking to the weeks as my life over the past 3 months has changed drastically, which has left me with little to no time to write. This blog post is pretty different to the posts I usually write and comes with an emotionally deep warning…No violins needed though 😉

I have decided to take a slightly different approach to the theme this week. Rather than tell you about something physically scary that has already happened to me whilst travelling (ok I might tell you a little story at the end of this post!!!), I am going to tell you a ‘scary’ travel story that I am currently embarking on as we speak. This isn’t a traditional crap your pants type of scary story but a personal story that has led me to quit my job and escape to the Amazon Rainforest. As I write this I am sitting at Puerto Maldonado airport having spent the last week in the Amazon Rainforest and waiting to board a flight to Cusco…

Over the past 3 months I have realised that my life was about to change dramatically. Nearly 5 years ago I upped sticks and left my home town in the midlands for a new life on the South Coast. Happily I had been living there with my boyfriend, in our small but perfectly lovely flat and going to work at the same place every day with some pretty awesome people. Little did I know this was all about to change. Due to differences in interests and goals in life my boyfriend called time on our relationship. I no longer have a boyfriend of over 3 years, I no longer live in our small but perfectly lovely flat and I no longer go to work everyday with the same wonderful people.

I had some decisions to make and it wasn’t going to be easy. Do I move back to my hometown in the midlands to be closer to my family and friends? Do I stay in Hove and continue working in the job I feel I have got everything out of? I knew one thing for certain and it was that I wasn’t going to spend all day feeling sorry for myself and that I needed to make some changes for the benefit of my future happiness. As much as I loved my job in Hove, and I really did!!, I knew I had to move back home nearer to my family and friends.

As I sat and thought about all of my options I did the only thing that made sense…Travel..

Life Change Quote

I wrote a life list 5 years ago with some goals and ambitions and had manged to cross a few things off of it…Complete my Marine Bio diploma, done. Complete my teaching English as a foreign language course, done. Read an encyclopedia from cover to cover…ok, nearly done! But one of the things that was still on the list was to volunteer in the Amazon Rainforest. A pipeline dream maybe, but suddenly with all these life changes I knew this was a perfect opportunity to do so. I booked a weeks volunteering at an Amazon jungle lodge in Peru followed by some city exploring in Cusco and Arequipa. I am travelling solo. This is something I have never done before and this is also my first time in South America. For me this is a scary (but exciting!!!) journey. As I sit here covered head to toe in mosquito bites, finally clean after returning from the jungle I know I have made the right decision.

I will be writing a blog post shortly documenting my time in the Amazon Rainforest (and others about Peru) so I hope you will come back to my blog and read it over the coming weeks. It really was one of the best experiences of my life (minus the shits, a million mozzie bites and continuous sweating!) I am now looking forward to some adventures in Cusco and Arequipa.

As promised, I said I would tell you a scary travel story from the Amazon Jungle. During my stay at the lodge I was able to join some research students from Mexico on their jungle project. In the morning 2 of the students and I headed out into the Amazon jungle to set up and check on some animal camera traps. We walked around the jungle trails from trap to trap looking at the wildlife and batting away mosquitos. With their broken English and my very broken Spanish they managed to tell me about some of the animals they had caught on film. Deers, rodents, birds etc. The usual jungle inhabitants. That night the students had collated the data from the day and we sat down in the lodge to view the days footage. As clear as day there was a Jaguar on the film right where we had been!!! After spending many hours walking through the Jungle I had obviously not come across a jaguar so it was scary to think that they were out there walking the same trails as me! Another scary incident involved an Amazonian spider on my head that scratched me.. yes scratched!!! But more about that later!

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Who else is doing the challenge? (Although they have probably finished this some time ago now! I am lagging well behind)

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