Week 15 – Travel Blog challenge – Travel Regrets

Hello fellow bloggers – firstly apologies, I have dropped quite far behind with the ‘weekly’ travel blog challenge recently due to various reasons but here we go… week 15 travel regrets…

“I regret travelling around the word and staying at home instead”- said no one ever!

  1. Taken a year out and done the whole backpacking thing – I travel regularly but have never had the proper backpacking travelling experience. There is nothing stopping me now but money. If anyone knows the upcoming numbers to the UK lottery that would be really helpful 😉 I’ll take you with me, I promise. And buy you cocktails and beer…
  2. Not taking enough photos – Some of my past travel adventures I have realised that I haven’t taken many photos.  I know memories are more precious that photos but my brain is no better than a Dory fish. I am terrible at remembering to take photos and always rely on other people that I’m with to take some instead. The last couple of trips I have been on I have been sure to capture as many as possible. I would like to get a new fancy camera of some kind that will be a welcome upgrade to my Samsung mobile phone camera. Iv’e been good this year Santa, I promise!
  3. Got so drunk in Valencia on my birthday – So me and my now ex boyfriend Nathan (oddly this wasn’t the event that ended it all!) planned a lovely long weekend away in Valencia which happened to coincide with my birthday. I was quite adamant that I didn’t want to get too drunk on my birthday as I really wanted to visit the Oceanographic aquarium the next day and not feel too rough. Well, we ended up going to an Irish bar for some celebratory prosecco but one drink led to other and before I knew it I was a complete mess. I said some awful things to my boyfriend and was sick on the pillow and the floor of the apartment bedroom. I still feel terrible about it to this day.
  4. Giving Nathan, the room key in Thailand – As we arrived in Thailand we headed straight for Phi Phi islands where 2 days of continuous drinking commenced (there’s beginning to be running theme of alcohol with these regrets). We then headed over to the mainland, Phuket, where I was feeling a little bit tender from the past 2 days so decided to slope off around 11pm back to the hotel. Nathan was, again, absolutely badgered and intended to stay out longer. Whilst in the tuk tuk on the way to drop me off, I stupidly handed our hotel key card to Nathan who was sitting opposite me, whilst I rummaged in my bag for something. I then proceeded to forget to get the key card back from Nathan before exiting the tuk tuk, leaving him with the card. Our hotel had no reception (no idea why!!) but there was nobody around to give me a spare key. Despite my best efforts Nathan was so drunk he didn’t answer his phone. The only saving grace is that we met the manger of the hotel earlier that day and I had actually saved his number in my phone!! (to this day I still can’t believe I did this) I rang him and he advised me that he wasn’t around but luckily he managed to get hold of someone else in the area who could bring me a spare key card. I have never been so grateful in my life. Being hungover and just wanting a bed was all I wished for.  Nathan eventually made it back to the hotel around 5am and then had food poisoning for 4 days! The toilet was his best friend for the remainder of the trip – karma is a bitch to your bum 🙂

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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