Hiking – Undiscovered Swimming Spots and Bat Caves – Montenegro

Hi everyone – Welcome to Hiking week from my series on Montenegro. A journey to wild swimming spots, a bat cave and river wading… Please check out my other posts in the series 🙂

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The great thing about Montenegro is that it really is undiscovered. No flocks of tourists all trying to squish down the same hiking trail, although I dare say in 10 years time it may be a different story. Our tour guides Ben and Emma had scoped out a lot of the local trails themselves and stumbled upon the most amazing wild swimming spots with waterfalls and woodland surroundings.

Armed with Coco the dog, Mocha the traveling teddy bear and the mountain snobs toy goat, our group set off hiking through the woods and across the Montenegrin landscape.


Wild Swimming Spots

Some of the spots that we were taken too were literally like something out of a movie. Crystal clear waters (some absolutely freezing!!) being sheltered by coves of rock and gushing waterfalls. My camera phone really doesn’t do some of the pictures justice – you have to see it to believe it! The brave ones jumped from the surround rocks into the waters below.

Bat Cave

We were stalked by noisy mountain goats across huge boulders and into the bat cave. The mountain snob (aka Kat, aka my sister) was pretty ecstatic to see a mountain goat as her and her mountain friends call themselves the goats. Hence the toy goat she carries around with her!  We had to leave our backpacks behind and meticulously navigate our way over the field of boulders towards the huge mouth of the cave. The goats made it look easy. The cave was a welcome break form the 35 degree heat but the smell of bat poop clings onto your nostrils for some time afterwards. The cave at one point would have had water gushing out of it but it had been so dry there was not a drop in sight. Just hot stinky bat poop.

Goodbye Toenail

As I write this post I weep for toe nails lost. I currently only have 8 left (although they are growing back nicely)! This is the story of how I came to lose the 10th and to be honest I can’t really pin point the exact moment it came lose. Which is kind of a good thing! At one point I remember my toes hitting the end of my boot quite hard whilst hiking so it was possibly then that it cam loose. I didn’t notice that it was hanging on by a thread until after we had waded down the river and I went to put my boot back on. It took me a good week after returning from Montenegro to pluck up the courage and finally cut the whole thing off. I have since lost my pinky toe nail by stubbing it the other day!! Seriously what is going on with my toes!

I hope this has given you some inspiration to travel Montenegro. Article on Rome coming very shortly…

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