Week 13 – Travel Blog challenge – Unique Cultures Encountered

Wherever you go in the world you are likely to encounter something completely different than what you are used to at home – after all that is one of the main reasons why we travel! One of the most unique and different encounters I have experienced was the Cao Dai Temple in Vietnam – I briefly discussed this in my Ho Chi Minh City and Road Survival Tips article – excursion suggestions, food for thought and road survival tips!

There are lots of attractions worth a visit if you are ever swinging through Ho Chi Minh City! The Cao Dai Temple will be one of the most colourful and impressive places you will ever visit! The colours themselves are enough to bring Scrooge out of a bad mood with splashes of red, blue and yellow throughout. It is quite unusual in that pastel colours have been used throughout which are embellished with gold and polished glass. For me pastel colours are associated with cute little baby clothes or my chipped nail polish after a night on the town so seeing a religious temple draped in pastels was certainly unique. But I loved it…

So a little bit of background for you …Cao Dai is a new religious movement that emerged in Vietnam in 1926 and embraces different religions and traditions. Worshipers wear colour coded gowns to represent their religion. White = Monks, Red = Confucianism, Blue = Taoism and Yellow = Buddhism. They attend 4 services daily, 6am, noon, 6pm and midnight. Dedication or what!! The services involve chanting, musical instruments and offerings of incense and food. Be sure to catch one if you can, visitors are allowed inside!

The whole experience was colourful, musical and UNIQUE 🙂

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Who else is doing the challenge?

3 thoughts on “Week 13 – Travel Blog challenge – Unique Cultures Encountered

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