Segwaying in Lisbon, Portugal

If there’s one thing that you’ll see at any major tourist location it’s the iconic Segway. There’s no better way to travel around the city to see the sights than on an eco friendly, 2 wheeled, lazy ride. Or so I thought…

After 2 days of drinking copious amounts of alcohol courtesy of work (thanks boss!), segwaying would usually be the last thing on my list of things to do. However, I was surprisingly awake and excited to get going on my first ever segway experience, but was rather nervous of what possible events may unfold.

When I think of a segway the first image that pops into my head is some unfortunate soul lying face first on the floor, post segway fail. This is how I imagined I would end up. Like a blind elephant on tight rope, balance is not something I posses and the thought of myself actually being in control of such vehicle scared me slightly. I’m also known to be quite clumsy – I used to walk into pillars in the middle of the room continuously at my old job (who does that??)…

Our segway tour guide was keen to get us started and showed us how to operate the segway. They basically have sensors that you stand on to operate it. I have size 3 feet so was worried that my pig trotters wouldn’t be big enough to make it budge but it turned out to be ok. They don’t take much time to get used to but i’m not exactly a speed demon when it comes to operating vehicles. I’ve been told I drive like a granny and also came last at go-karting on a separate work outing. The shame. We all had to follow each other around the busy cobbled streets in single file. I insisted that I didn’t want to go at he back of the pack as I was sure i’d have got left behind to get squished by an oncoming tram or something. We were taken up to a view point with great views over the city and our tour guide gave us low down on the history of Lisbon. My cautious nature meant that I spent the whole time with sweaty palms and thinking that I was going to be ran over by a car, but It wasn’t me that would have an epic segway fail…

wipe out

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your boss on a segway wipe out a man and a dog. All of the images of segway fails came flooding back and laughter erupted. Soz boss but it was HILARIOUS! Luckily no major injuries were sustained just a rather angry man and his dog…

Segway rating – solid 8/10 – Highly Recommend

3 thoughts on “Segwaying in Lisbon, Portugal

  1. I’ve seen segways in California–mostly at the beaches– but never got around to trying them! It would interesting drive over cobble stone.


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