Week 12 – Travel Blog Challenge – Happy/Sad travel Stories

Hi Everyone – Welcome to week 12 of the travel blog challenge. Iv’e been super busy on holiday and studying recently I haven’t found much time to write but hopefully I’m not too far behind with the challenge! So this week is happy/sad travel stories.

It’s so easy to talk about happy travel stories as usually there are so many of them to tell! So on this occasion I’m actually going to talk about a sad one, but the true scale of sadness can’t truly be understood unless you have visited this place yourself. The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Although horrifically graphic, the War Remnants Museum is a must see! It features dramatic exhibits from the Vietnam War. A combination of guns, machinery and photography that document the true horrors of the war with the United States. It is the most visited museum in Saigon but has been criticised for being propagandist, with US atrocities as it’s focus. However, it tells a very important story.  The photography is graphic with images of napalm burns, torture and the lasting effects of agent orange. It is not for the faint hearted and can take a while to recover emotionally afterwards.

There are a lot of displays both inside and out. An outdoor display of large machinery such as aircraft and tanks documents the type of aviation used and their weapons. Another emotionally tough display is the rebuilt mock display of the ‘Tiger Cages’ of Côn Sơn Island where prisoners were incarcerated. It really was a truly unforgettable experience. You really get a feel for the horrific scale of deaths and torture not only of soldiers but of innocent people and children. An real eye opener.

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Who else is doing the challenge?

9 thoughts on “Week 12 – Travel Blog Challenge – Happy/Sad travel Stories

  1. Oh! All the historic museums are so sad. Reminds me of the Hiroshima bomb drop. We were actually at the museums and saw all the remnants of the war outcomes. /sigh.


  2. I was in Saigon for such a short period of time (less than 48 hours). I did not get a chance to stop by the musuem. The interesting thing about travel is to see the other perspective. I recalled my travel mate bought a shirt with Ho Chi Minh — and I was somewhat shocked. I don’t think my husband and my in-laws (who are Vietnamese. His father fought in the war.) would be too pleased if I returned with that souvenir.

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    • It really was an experience to see the museum. I would recommend it if you ever get the chance to go back. Yeah I guess a Ho Chi Minh shirt could be conceived as political and maybe some people don’t give too much thought on what message they are giving out when buying stuff like that. On the other hand Ho Chi Minh was associated with Vietnamese independence – I guess it just depends what side of the fence you sit on and weather it has relevance to you or not.


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  5. I stayed there for 2 night and made sure to visit the war remnant museum on the last day. Thank god I did so. Such a heavy experience 😦

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