Week 11 – Travel Blog Challenge – What’s in your backpack??

Hello everybody!! I’m Back! Last week has been super manic but fantastically awesome. I have just returned from a hiking/kayaking trip in Montenegro with a pit stop in Rome on the way home (Blog posts from the trip to follow very shortly!!!). Now is the perfect time to share with you ‘what’s in my backpack’.

In the past I have been notoriously known to pack enough stuff for 2 weeks in the Caribbean just for a 3 day trip. Lugging around a super hench suitcase packed to the brim. I have now perfected the art of travelling light thanks to my incredible discovery of packing cubes. See Week 2 – travel Tips These are literally the best thing ever invited in my eyes. I can now travel for a couple weeks with just a hand luggage sized cabin bag!!  So, on this most recent trip I took the decision to take my boyfriends Karrimor holdall/backpack as my main travelling backpack. I own an Osprey 40 which in hindsight I am gutted I didn’t take instead. I thought the Karrimor would provide more depth but it was very uncomfortable to carry around. The shoulder straps are not as sturdy causing my neck and back to ache quite a bit. Not to mention it also has no waist clip for extra support.  If any of you have ever been to Rome Fiumicino Airport you will know how far you have to walk to the gates! Note to self…ALWAYS use the Osprey! As my day pack I used my Trespass rucksack which is great for day hikes. Just enough space to squish in the essentials and some cheeky snacks…

First Aid/useful items Bag

  • Plasters
  • Nail Scissors
  • Lighter
  • antiseptic/bite cream
  • Iboprofen
  • Silicone heel and metatarsal pads
  • Compeed blister pads
  • Tissues
  • Wet wipes
  • Sun glasses
  • Spare prescription glasses
  • sun tan lotion

Day Rucksack – hiking etc

  • First Aid/Useful items bag
  • Microfibre towel
  • Water – side pockets
  • selfie stick (*cringe*)
  • Phone/Money etc
  • Fully charge Phone Battery pack/extender
  • Snacks – Biscuits, sweets (no chocolate as too hot in Montenegro)
  • Spare Socks
  • spare underwear and swimwear
  • Sandals for water wading
  • Mocha the travelling teddy bear – Borrowed from Julie at In The Wild LA 🙂 – attached to the outside of the pack
  • She Pee – (Also great for minging night train toilets!)

Main Packing Cube

  • 10x vest/strap tops – mix of casual and slightly more evening
  • 2x lightweight trousers
  • 1x play suit
  • 3x dresses
  • 3x shorts
  • underwear – pants, socks, 3x bras and 2x thick hiking socks
  • slipper shoes
  • 2x belts
  • 1x sun cap and 1 sun visor
  • 2x swim suits/bikinis

Additional items in the main Karrimor bag

  • Sandals
  • Salomon hiking shoes
  • Pumps
  • Travel hair dryer
  • Toiletries bag

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Who else is doing the challenge?

10 thoughts on “Week 11 – Travel Blog Challenge – What’s in your backpack??

  1. I have an Osprey too and used it in the last two years for camping. I love it. I have small day pack I picked up from Target but I should have purchased another Osprey as well. I always forget to pack a swimsuit because I guess I don’t plan for it. From my last camping trip to Sequoia, we saw this really nice lake and people were swimming and paddle boarding and it made me want to go for a swim too. I told myself, going forward I will always pack a swimsuit because you never know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah there really well made bags. Can’t go wrong with a Osprey. Yes always pack a swim suit just in case. It’s no fun watching everybody else in the water. The weather over here is pretty pants so we don’t have to worry about hat too much but I will definitely be packing it on warmer adventures overseas. Luckily we were made aware in advance that we would be visiting swimming spots in Montenegro so we were all prepared 🙂


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