Week 9 – Travel Blog Challenge – Gross/Disgusting Travel Stories – Toes, Bums and Blisters…

So this weeks theme is gross or disgusting travel stories. I had to think about this one for a while but as a nice little Friday treat I am going to show you all my beautifully gross hiking toe nail. And just to top it off I will also show you my twin sisters equally gross hiking toe nail and bruised butt cheeks with a blister or 2 thrown in! My other half, Nathan has just about got away with this one as I was going to tell the story of his illness after eating a curry with an egg on top for breakfast in Thailand! I’ll save that one for another day…

Back in June I took a trip to Wales, UK and went hiking up a peak called Pen Y Fan and then took a trek to a waterfall. My toes must have been a bit squished as my big toe nail had turned a yukky bruised colour afterwards and it is still like it now!! I also had a huge blister on my heel (thank god for compeed!) My twin sister took an even more epic trip to Africa to climb Toubkal in the Atlas mountains and also has a bruised big toe on the same foot! Freaky twin stuff going on here! she was also lucky enough to bag herself a blister and some bruised butt cheeks from falling over on her bottom on the mountain!

I was chatting to her last night on Facebook and raised the fact that my toe nail was still black a couple of months on and sent her a pic (left). She replied with a picture of hers, also still looking very black!  Currently preying to the toe gods that they don’t fall off. Happy weekend guys…


Kat’s bruised butt cheeks and our blisters (she won’t mind me posting this as she has already blogged it to the world!!)…


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11 thoughts on “Week 9 – Travel Blog Challenge – Gross/Disgusting Travel Stories – Toes, Bums and Blisters…

  1. That’s one of my biggest fears when hiking: losing a toe nail. I thought I did at one time when I did a long hiking trip (16.1 km), I hit something and thought to myself “I’ll find out when I am done with this hike.” Thankfully it did not happen.

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    • That was lucky!!! I know what you mean, I would hate to lose a nail! I’ve recently bought new hiking shoes and my toes aren’t as squished in these ones luckily. The furthest I hiked in my other boots was 20 miles (32km). I had a huge blister on the bottom of foot!! Iv’e since bought silicone metatarsal pads but I don’t think i’ll be walking that far again any time soon as my knee has started playing up a bit which is a bit annoying 😦


  2. I once ran over my boyfriend’s toe with my car on a camping trip. :# that’s probably one of the most terrible things I’ve ever done. I thought it was gonna fall off! Thankfully, nothing too crazy happened in result and that he’s still my boyfriend (crossed fingers, hehe).

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