Week 7 Travel Blog Challenge – Inspiration for Travelling

As a child I was lucky enough to go abroad every year on a family holiday from the age of 4 onwards. This meant that I had flown and travelled regularly from an early age. From many places in Europe to Australia and the USA I got to see a variety of different places and cause a lot of mischief with my twin sister!! Growing up in a small town with not a lot to do, going on holiday with my family was always one of the most exciting things I looked forward to. Maybe not as fun as Christmas day but it was a close second!! New experiences, new friends and no school for at least a week!! Β The new food wasn’t always my favourite part as I was quite picky as child but thankfully my taste buds have improved since then! Now I am older and have flown the nest many years ago, it’s even more exciting planning a trip as I get to choose the destinations! Unless my other half has a say!! He insists on dragging me to every football stadium in every city we visit! Here’s a few pics below from a silly selfie outside the Moulin Rouge, Paris to Australia, Italy, Thailand and Vietnam. Oh and a ‘character building’ selfie from the summit of mount Snowdon Wales UK πŸ™‚ …


As much I love travelling I have not done the whole backpacking thing for months on end however I try and squeeze in as many adventures as possible every year. Money and time dependent. Family holidays growing up were all about sun and the beach which was great, however these days I much prefer getting out and seeing the sights instead of laying on a beach all day. It seems a waste as there’s so much to learn, see and do! So my top 3 of inspirations for travel are as follows: (Kind of obvious reasons really!)

  • The Experiences – What can I do when I’m there? What can I see? How can this enrich my life even just a little bit?
  • The Food – Om nom nom. I say no more.
  • The Culture – Finding somewhere that is completely different to home is always a great new learning experience.

There’s nothing like returning from a trip having seen the most wonderful things, eaten the most tastiest food and meeting some great people. This is enough to make anyone continue travelling!!

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Who else is doing the challenge?

19 thoughts on “Week 7 Travel Blog Challenge – Inspiration for Travelling

  1. I agree, I feel going to a new place is all about seeing the sites and wandering around…but there are people who like to lounge in the beach all day. For me, I like to think of my travels as an experience to do the same things I’d do at home except in a different setting, but more exciting.

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  2. Shoot…I sent that too soon. But I think a good example is at home, I either make coffee or go to a chain coffee place like Starbucks. But somewhere else like Rome, I can walk to some random cafe for coffee or in Bangkok, I walk to a 7/11 for Thai tea. It’s the simple things I like about travelling.

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    • yes it’s definitely the simple things that are great about travelling. Its nice to be able to do the things you do at home as it’s a familiarity, like going for coffee and finding a lovely new place abroad. I like finding new little cafes or bars just to sit and have a cocktail or a slice a cake and just look out at the surroundings πŸ™‚

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  3. Your family sounds awesome!!! HAHAHA, my parents were all out against my travels, I had to drag them through the decision line. I think they’re finally ALMOST getting used to the idea that it’s not a “phase.” I know it’s one of the blog prompts later down the line, but I reaaally am curious to know what your favorite country is. πŸ˜› Great post!!! ❀

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    • hahahah yeah my family were pretty laid back growing up! Parents will ALWAYS worry about their children though especially when they are off travelling the world. Parents have to let go at point especially if it makes you happy. it’s soooooo hard to choose my favourite as there’s so many awesome places!! I would say a tie between Vietnam and Australia πŸ™‚ but i’ll probably change my mind again lol. What’s yours??? ❀

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