Week 6 – Travel Blog Challenge – Unusual Travel Activities/Pics

I wouldn’t say that I have done anything particularly unusual, activity wise, whilst on my travels (Yet!!) however, there have certainly been some unusual sightings for sure!! I often stumble across the weirdest things whilst just going about my day. For example, in my current hometown of Brighton UK, Iv’e seen a man in the street casually balancing on a tight rope playing the violin. wtf. Then one day whilst walking along the sea front a quad bike came out of nowhere with music blasting, being driven by a gang of people wearing monkey suits. So here’s some of the unusual things I have spotted whilst on my travels…

Number 1:  I am going to start closer to home first. On a trip up to London last weekend I came across this marvellous sign in the London Underground at Kings Cross Station.  Now you may not understand this if you are not a fan of Game of Thrones. Once sucked in, you stay sucked! Be warned!! Iv’e been meticulously binge watching GOT over the past few weeks and have watched up to series 6. Now with series 7 showing I can barely contain my excitement for what is about to happen next. I’m just hoping Tyrion’s head is not replaced by a sewn on donkeys. (no spoilers in the comments please) Anyway this is the service announcement sign at Kings Cross…


Number 2: Most people know I am quite partial to Peanut M&M’s. They are probably my favourite chocolate of all time EVER. Nuts and choccy, whats not to love.  However nothing could prepare me for the Vietnamese equivalent, NIPS. Now I’m not sure what that means, if anything, in Vietnam but over here in the UK nips is an abbreviation of nipples. And in the words of my sister  ‘oo look at my itty bitty stiffy nippies’. The term ‘smuggling peanuts’ comes to mind which in a way is kind of relevant here. Either the Vietnamese have a great sense of humour or they are blissfully unaware of the warped British mind!! I can picture it now, an average day in Vietnam, two girls walking down the street, one hungry girl says to the other ‘Get your nips out Susan’. I did enjoy my bag of nips though!…


Number 3: Off to Australia now, with a quirky pub. The Ettamogah Pub on Australia’s Sunshine Coast – one of Australia’s most famous pubs situated at Aussie World, just off the Bruce highway!! Although I did read recently that it is no longer called The Ettamogah Pub and it’s going to have a face lift. Boo! Ettamogah till we die! It’s car park is often flocked with tourists taking photos and it’s not hard to see why. It has a truck on the roof and Aussie comic graffiti on the walls. Not to mention a list of alternative toilet names on the toilet doors. Maybe Bruce was bored one day whilst sat upon thy thunderbox…

Number 4: Staying in Aus for this one – So everyone loves the animals and wildlife when visiting a different country right. Now when I was in Aus, don’t get me wrong I certainly wanted to see all of the natives, however I also made friends with some not so native animals as well. Here’s some of my most unusual travel animal pics from Australia. Not a Kangaroo, Kookaburra or Koala in sight…

That’s all for this weeks TB Challenge – hope you enjoyed! πŸ™‚

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Who else is doing the challenge?

15 thoughts on “Week 6 – Travel Blog Challenge – Unusual Travel Activities/Pics

  1. hahahah, I gave up game of thrones about 5 books in, because it finally got too long for me, but love that people are embracing the awesome references! LOOOOL, i’ve never seen those in Vietnam, but of course they’d be around. Amazing animal pictures!!! I’ve always been kind of nervous around birds, who knows if they’re gonna claw your eyes out or poop on you, but it looks like you had a super time. Cheers!! Excited for your next posts! ❀


    • Haha I know what you mean about birds! They’re very unpredictable. I’ve actually been pooped on by sea gul before too. Boo! Luckily eyes are still in tact though. I’m not sure I could read the GOT books as like you say toooooo long but the TV series is epic. Is it on in the states? It’s huge over here!! Loving reading everyone’s posts each week πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€

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  2. Ooh I wish I would get into GOT. I don’t have HBO at my place. I may need to wait or read the books. In regards to British English, I met a few travelers from the UK who explained to me how some of the American English words don’t quite translate well to British English. From spunk to fanny pack, it was pretty funny. Also in the background American news was playing. I recalled the story was a man who got injured and the anchor said this man had a “gash” from his injury. The travel mates said “I understand it means ‘cut’ but the UK it means something very different.”


    • Haha that’s sooooo funny!! I know exactly what your travel mates mean when they hear gash! dirty minds! Trust me, it also translates as a cut over here as well and is used quite often in that way! πŸ™‚ Spunk on the other hand, there really is only one meaning of that over here!! lol We like to double up on letters as well for example you say traveld where as we say travelled. Fanny pack is a great one – we call it a bum bag haha. Fanny is also a very very old fashioned English name. There wont be many Fanny’s around now.


      • Oh yes my travel mates had to explain what gash means for them. I didn’t think anything of it. Language is so interesting with it’s nuances. The same applies with Spanish between Mexican Spanish versus Argentinian Spanish too.

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