Week 5 – Travel Blog Challenge – Top 3 Cultural Food

Food more often than not, plays a part in deciding where to head off on your next adventure overseas. There is sooo much yummyness to choose from with every country having something different to offer. Choosing 3 favourite culinary delights is an impossible task for me so I have gone for the 3 most memorable:

  1. Iceland – An amazing island in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is littered with Volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers and not to mention a great place to spot the northern lights!! Along with the great scenery, Iceland certainly has some surprising food on offer. The most famous (and disgusting so I’m told!) delicacy is called Hakarl – rotten shark! I don’t have the stomach for that but I did try some of the other options on the menu…  Puffin (yes I know the cute little sea bird! sorry), Minke whale, European Shag (A sea bird..not a prostitute from the continent!) and Horse Steak. My favourite restaurant EVER is in Reykjavik called Sjávargrillið It really was the best food I’ve ever eaten!!! …
  2. France – Bonjour! Bienvenue en France! Everybody knows that the French just can’t resist chowing down on some slimy garden goodness smothered in garlic. Yes you guessed it, Snails! AKA Escargot. They’re also quite partial to a frogs-leg or 2 and a raw beefy steak tatare! I have visited Paris twice and tried each of these culinary delights. The snails were actually pretty tasty – If you love garlic you can’t go wrong and frogs legs really do taste just like chicken. Steak tatare on the other hand was a little odd. I liked the flavour as it tasted like horseradish, which I love, but the texture was a little slimy.

    06072017 - 11885381_10153025699191931_7742140365704484014_n

    Escagot in Paris

  3. Vietnam – This was just an average day cruising down the Mekong River wearing a Vietnamese conical hat 🙂 – After visiting floating markets and watching local village musicians we stopped off for a spot of lunch. Whole grilled fish wraps with Vietnamese spring rolls! It truly was delicious! And if you fancy it, you can always try the local snake wine!

I hoped you enjoyed reading about these wonderful culinary delights from across the globe!! Bon appetite!

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Who else is doing the challenge?


23 thoughts on “Week 5 – Travel Blog Challenge – Top 3 Cultural Food

  1. I wish I spent more time in Vietnam. I was only there for less than 48 hours so I did not have time to enjoy the food. I would like to bring my husband to Vietnam one day but the visas to purchase was so expensive! Choosing down to 3 places was hard — if there was more, I would have added Paris too to the list!


    • You should definitely go to Vietnam for longer if you get the chance. That’s a shame about the visas. We don’t need to get a visa unless its for more than 15 days. Luckily I wasn’t as went to Malaysia first and the trip was just over 2 weeks in total. I would like to travel around a bit more. A lot of people I met said Hoi An was the best but I didn’t get a chance to here so maybe next time 🙂


  2. Gah, amazing! It looks like I missed your posts since they didn’t linkback to my post (to give me a notification). Of course Vietnam would be the one to have the snake meat. Asians >.>
    Food photos are amazing, would love to try the icelandic foods sometime. I hope you keep trying the new fooooods!!

    Liked by 1 person

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