Week 4 – Travel Blog Challenge – Travel Misadventures

When I think of Travelling Misadventures my trip to Wales a few months ago with my sister immediately springs to mind. It involves climbing mount Snowdon and going the wrong way resulting in us huddling on a small grassy ledge close to the summit. Sooo this week I’m cheating slightly and pasting the link to my Snowdon story which I have already written on my blog… Check it out

A Character Building Journey to Snowdon


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Who else is doing the challenge?



14 thoughts on “Week 4 – Travel Blog Challenge – Travel Misadventures

  1. Thank you so much!! A similar thing happened to me on a mountain in New Hampshire, but it was nowhere near as scary as your experience. I don’t want to tell you about it yet though, because I may be posting about it in Week 4 as well!

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