Week 2 – Travel Blog Challenge – Little Known Travel Tips

Little Known Travel Tips

Ok, so this tip isn’t really that unknown, however for me it’s the greatest travel tip I have been given so I feel obliged to share!!

If like me, you like to pack enough clothes for 4 weeks in the Caribbean just to go away on a long weekend then this tip will be a saving grace. I mean lets be honest, you have to pack for all weather occasions, day time wear, evening wear and not to mention a selection of various shoe types!! Often with the additional cost of having to check a bag into the hold, hand luggage is certainly the preferred cheaper option and you don’t have to hang around waiting at the conveyor belt after the flight. But how does one fit all of ones belongings into hand luggage??? Impossible. Or so I thought, until I discovered the packing cube that is…

Packing cubes allow you to strategically ‘stuff’ as much clothes as possible into a small space!! What’s not to love! Since I have bought one I can’t remember the last time I paid extra to put a bag in the hold. I even travelled to Vietnam for 2 weeks with a hand luggage sized backpack, although I did actually put this in the hold as it costs no extra to do so on International flights. It’s not all about cost saving though, it’s just generally great if you wan’t less of a big suitcase to lug about.

So here is my packing cube so you can see for yourselves. There is even room for my walking boots and a large toiletries bag in the case as well!

There are many you tube video tutorials on how to pack cubes along with great space saving tips. So go ahead…you wont regret it!

This is my contribution to Winta’s 21 Weeks of Travel Blogging Challenge!  If you fancy it too? give it a go!!!

Check out my Week 1 – Favourite Travel Photo and Intro 🙂 and my other blog posts at Journey Through The Trees 🙂

Julie from In the Wild Los Angeles is also taking part in the challenge so please check her blog out also 🙂


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